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Inflatable Kayaking Trip

Quick Details

Half Day
Adult Ages 13+
Full Day
Adult Ages 13+

action-packed rafting trip

Kayaking the Salmon River. Inflatable kayaks let you experience the pulse of the river up close and personal. At White Cloud, choose your own adventure—and boat style too. Available in half-day or full day runs, you can book a kayak-only trip for your crew, or a combination of paddle rafts and kayaks to fit everyone’s style (and comfort level).

No experience necessary. White Cloud offers the experienced guides, special kayaking orientation, helmets, life jackets, booties, splash guards and everything else you need to gear up and take off paddling like a pro.

Half-Day Tour

On this trip, you will get a true feeling for river time, yet be back in Sun Valley for dinner. The half-day is our most popular trip which begins north of Sun Valley at the Elk Creek launch site.

Breathtaking in all the best ways, this exciting trip is our most popular, especially for families. Taking off north of Sun Valley at the Elk Creek launch site, ride into the famed rapid “Piece of Cake” that starts off a series of lively class II and III rapids.

Between waves, you’ll swap stories with our great guides, learn about local wildlife, and take in some astonishing scenery. Finish with a thrilling three-quarter-mile stretch of class III rapids nicknamed “The Narrows,” and a stop at the clear, deep swimming hole of Jump Rock. Choose this trip in either paddle rafts or kayaks. Snacks and beverages offered.

Lunch Tour

Roll with the flow. Just north of Sun Valley in Stanley, this river trip kicks off at the Elk Creek launch site, and takes you through thrilling class II and III rapids, before reaching our private riverside camp. Our fired up cooks, ready before your arrival, greet you with appetizers and cold beverages, while you kick back on our beach or play bocce ball and horseshoes with friends and family. Enjoy a delicious freshly-prepared meal, even have a second serving, just save room for dessert. After lunch, enjoy and splash around in a leisurely and beautiful stretch of river, before we take out at Torrey’s Hole.

Enjoy a freshly prepared meal, have a second serving, but save room for a deliciously prepared dessert. After lunch, enjoy a leisurely stretch of river, allowing time to kick back and relax before we take out at Torrey’s Hole.

Clothing & Gear

We provide wetsuits, splash tops, helmets, fleece, and booties for your trip (children sizes as well). For most trips, these items are not necessary but may be requested by guests at any time (some folks get cold easier than others and it’s always better to over-prepared). Just ask us if you have any questions about the gear we provide.

For early season trips (May and June) and High Adventure Trips, we suggest bringing plenty of clothes (all of our guides carry dry bags to stow extra clothes on the boats). You may also leave clothes on the bus and change at the end of the trip as well. Please stay away from cotton clothing; cotton stays wet, making you cold, and ultimately can affect the enjoyment of your trip.

For all trips, we suggest bringing a bathing suit or shorts, t-shirt, sandals that fasten securely or shoes, hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses, and a water bottle. During the summer months (July and August) most of our guests find they dry off quickly and don’t need much additional clothing.


We’ll raft as long as there isn’t hazardous lightning, but ultimately it’s up to you. If you are not comfortable with what Mother Nature is offering and would like to reschedule or cancel, (even the morning of the trip) we have a 100% money-back policy, no questions asked.