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River Trips

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River rafting in Stanley by Sun Valley, Idaho.

Get a real taste of the river, plus get back to Stanley or Sun Valley in time for dinner. From a scene-stealing rapid-free float to an adrenaline kick of a lifetime, our half day trips span different sections of the Main Salmon River to custom match your comfort level and sense of adventure. Get a feel for our river trips designed to make your day, but that won’t take all day either. Snacks and beverages served on all trips.

At White Cloud, choose your own adventure. From scenic and all-ages fun runs to rapids and wild-style thrill rides, our high-level guides and gear take your vacation to great new heights. Framed by the stunning backdrop of the Sawtooths, we open up a range of rafting options plus take care of the trip planning details, so you can experience the pure exhilaration of the Salmon River at just your speed.

No experience necessary. From guided oar rafts to paddle boats to inflatable kayaks, we design laugh-filled and worry-free trips to fit whatever floats your boat. So open up an adventure of a lifetime, right outside Sun Valley’s backdoor.