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Fly Fishing Clinic

Quick Details

One Boat with Two Anglers All Ages

Learn the basics of fly fishing

The ideal way to really get into fly fishing. Geared towards beginners but open to anyone, the Fly Fishing Clinic by White Water Adventures is a full-immersion, fast-track course to get you hooked on the real nature of the sport in record time. Our casting instructors will teach the basics of fly fishing alongside the Salmon River in a relaxed, friendly environment.

By land and by river, our Fly Fishing Clinic takes you there. We believe that basic angling skills are best taught in action. So we offer casting instructions. Teach you how to do a proper drift. Show you how to present the fly—plus how to mend it too. Even navigate you through the thrill ride of hooking, reeling in and landing a fish. All backed by the spectacular setting of the Sawtooth Mountains and the untrammelled fishery of the Salmon River.

Almost 100% of the time, by the end of the trip, complete beginners from the start are totally hooked, catching fish left and right. Learn a new skill that could open up a river-led passion of a lifetime. Start here. Literally the best place possible.

After your casting clinic and equipment course, the guides will drive you a brief distance to the boat ramp where we will have a short safety speech and we will discuss the features of our specialized fly fishing boats with you.

The guides will continue honing your newly learned fly fishing skills as you float down the Salmon River. The Salmon River holds a variety of species, mostly cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, and bull trout all of which you can expect to catch.

Enjoy the day, expand your knowledge of fishing with our guides and we will see you back at our headquarters.

How it Works!

Fishing rafts can accommodate two anglers. Drift boats are used in optimum fishing conditions; otherwise, we use a specially designed fishing raft. Headwater’s fly fishing guides provide you with a knowledgeable, professional guide to ensure a great day of fishing on the Salmon River.

We are exactly what our name states — “Headwater’s Fly-Fishing Guides,” specializing in fishing the headwaters of the Salmon River north of Sun Valley, Idaho.

Here vast snowmelt runoff spawns the Salmon River. These waters provide excellent dry-fly fishing. The Salmon River is not a trophy trout stream, but a fish factory producing fish averaging 13-16 inches and heavier trout in the 20 in. range.

Our fly-fishing schools are typically four to five hours on the water. We request that you arrive for your trip around 10:30 a.m., other start times may be requested (trip start times may vary due to fishing and or weather conditions, please call for updated details).