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Top Things To Do in Stanley, Idaho

Salmon River Rafting
It’s never too early to get ready for your summer vacation, and you can start by checking out Stanley’s top list of things to do.

1. Go on a hike
Stanley is loaded with great hiking opportunities, just about every road in the Sawtooth Valley leads to a trail head. A great place to start is at a Redfish Lake, where you’ll find an number of hikes varying in difficult and length. For more information, contact the Sawtooth National Forest.

2. Check out Downtown Stanley, Idaho
You and your family will love the western, welcoming, quaint feel of our historic downtown. Bars, street dances, restaurants, gift shops and colorful characters can be found here. While it’s small, it makes up for its size with big personality. Visit downtown and get a real feel for the old west.

3. Middle Fork of the Salmon
Take you and your family for an exceptionally scenic drive to the Middle Fork or the Salmon. Here you’ll find great views including Bruce Meadows and the Boundary Creek Boat Ramp. You will also find Dagger Falls, where the family can check out jumping Chinook salmon

4. Local Hot Springs
The Stanley area is loaded with geothermal activity. Find relaxing comfort and enjoy a nice soak in one of our many hot springs. Most of the springs are located near the river so the kids can play while you relax.

5. Take a Tour of the Yankee Fork
Custer and Bonanza are two of Idaho’s gem ghost towns. With tons of mining history you are sure to see some awesome relics of days past. You can also take a tour of the gold dredge and witness a true piece of Idaho history. Don’t forget your gold pan, there is still loads of gold in them there hills.

6. Pick an awesome camp site
Nothing is more Idaho than camping in the great outdoors. Stanley has unlimited camping opportunities from unimproved camp site to RV slots, from spots by the river to mountain tops you can find it here.

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