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Capture your wild river ride, head on. Subject to availability, sign on to wear a free GoPro helmet during your river adventure, and take the thrill of it all, just as you experienced it, back home with you. (Or post it all up on social media, too). This is the ultimate way to show off the stuff the Salmon River is made of.

White Cloud Adventures believes in elevating your view in every way possible, so we’re offering this GoPro option totally free. Just keep in mind, only a limited number of helmet cams are available, so ask for this add on early when you book. At the end of the trip, the only thing you need to buy is the SD card ($XX), and you take the magic with you.

  • Wear the GoPro helmet
  • FREE
  • Buy the SD card ($XX) at the end of the run
  • Add to any trip (subject to availability)

Ask for the GoPro Bonus when you [BOOK NOW]

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