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Come on in, the whitewater's fine.


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Gear up to hear: "That's the best time ever!"

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Laughs from launch to land.

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  • “Great experience. Rafting with White Cloud Rafting out of Stanley, Idaho was one of the most fun experiences I have ever had and I go on a trip with them every summer I can make it to Stanley. The owner, Jeremy, was wonderful about answering all my safety concern questions (I am scared of the water). The guides were also great. They always make me feel safe, while also make sure we all laugh a lot and have a great time. They are knowledgeable of not just the river they run, but can tell you great tips about what to do around town, where to eat, and what the coolest hikes are. I met a guide there that had lived in Stanley for almost 15 years, so he really knew the ins and outs of the area and especially of the river! I highly recommend this company to anyone!”

    Heidi M - Portland, OR
    Heidi M - Portland, ORTripAdvisor
635 Edna McGown Ave.
Stanley, Idaho
Near Sun Valley

800-571-RAFT | 208-774-RAFT

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